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Hey! It's Bridgette B.

Thanks for coming to my free lesson on how to text a girl.

I’m going to expose you to 3 of the most important things you need to know when it comes to texting women, so make sure you have a few minutes to pay attention because you’ve never seen anything like this.

When it comes to texting someone you’re interested in, you ONLY want to be doing what works. 

Texting without knowing what works is like shooting darts with a blindfold on.
Most of the time you’ll be missing the mark. 

With women, you have to be able to grab their attention immediately and keep it better than all the other guys texting her, or she will lose interest quick. 

So, here are 3 of the most important things you need to know when it comes to texting women. 

Make sure you read to the end to get all the information, plus my special treat for you at the end 😉

The first thing I want to show you is the best 7 word text to send to get a response.

 “Hmm, is that what you really think? 😉

The reason this text works so well is because: 

  • #1. It's Challenging

    Instead of accepting what ever she says, like most men do, it challenges her. Everyone wants to prove themselves right. Think about when someone has challenged you at something and you proved yourself feels good.

  • #2. It's Playful

    Women like playful banter. It takes their minds off anything boring or negative happening in their lives at the moment and allows them to escape to an imaginitave place. If she's bored in class, or waiting at the DMV, she will love a playful text.

  • #3. It Makes Her Think

    Often times women can go through an entire text conversation using pre-rehearsed lines they send to every other guy. When you send this text, it makes it impossible for them to send a short, pre-rehearsed text. The longer she spends texting you, the more she's engaging with you.

Use this text often so she gets in the habit of knowing that she can’t give you pre-rehearsed messages, and so she understands you care about what she really thinks. 

NEXT: Here's The ONE Thing You NEED To Do To Get A Date

Most men try to get the date by brute force. By that I mean they just pick a day during the week and ask, 


“Are you free Friday? We should hang out”.

She needs to be INVESTED in you before she will want to go on a date with you.

If you don’t know how to make her become invested in you during your texting, you won’t get a ‘yes’ response from her.

There is a specific technique to make this work flawlessly.

And that brings me to my 3rd point I want to teach you. 

The Most Important technique That Makes Women Want You is called the "Plant, Fertilize, Harvest" technique.

It begins with planting the seeds of attraction without being overly sexual or creepy. Most guys fail at this step and wonder why they don’t get to the next.

The next step is to fertilize that attraction and let it grow into a relationship. In this step you get her to tell you things about herself no one else knows. You make her realize you  stimulate her mind like no other guy texting her does. You put her in a place where she always wants to hear from you because you make her happy.

The last step is to harvest.
This is done once you’ve executed the first two steps and now she’s begging to see you in person. She won’t go grudgingly, instead she will be happy she’s finally going to spend time with a guy who has completely captured her attention and attraction.

Guys who don't know how to do these three things will fail most of the time with women, even good guys who deserve the best girls.

The 3 things you just learned are just a tiny tiny part of what you need to know to make sure you are prepared to attract ANY girl you want. 

So, I decided to create the ultimate cheat sheet for any guy to use and succeed every time. 

And i want to show it to you right now. 


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